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Steven McGibbon

The main instructor, has spent 41 years in or working with law enforcement. Over 26 of those, he has spent teaching forensic sciences both in the classroom and in the field. Having been in law enforcement in both rural, small areas as well as in cities and on the federal level, Steve understands the difficulty in receiving enough training and the need for professional training in all areas! Agencies do not always have unlimited budgets to send their people away to all the training that they need! His goal is to offer the same quality training to everyone within their local area and at a reasonable, affordable price!

33 Taught Bloodstain Classes  (1400 hours and 320 students)

115 Taught Crime Scene Courses  (3900 hours and 1350 students)

Testified in Homicide Trials in Arizona, New Mexico, Mississippi, Maryland, and Wyoming

Co-Authored a Two-Week training course "Forensic Examination of Terrorist Crime Scenes" for the United States State Department

Has conducted numerous experiments involving bloodstains, the use of shotguns, and knives in homicide.

Steve is available to bring the teaching to you!

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